Tobacco & Bourbon
Tobacco & Bourbon
Tobacco & Bourbon
Tobacco & Bourbon
Tobacco & Bourbon
Tobacco & Bourbon

Tobacco & Bourbon

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Curl up to a roaring fireplace on a plush leather sofa and enjoy sipping on bourbon. This intriguing and fiery fragrance will bring the fall warmth right into your home.

TOP: Cumin, Cedar Leaf, Apple
MIDDLE: Oregano, Anise, Hemp
BASE: Spice, Warm Leather, Smoke

Contains Essential Oils of Star Anise from China, Cedar from USA, Ginger Root from China, Origanum, Thuja Occidentalis Leaf from Canada, Patchouli from Indonesia, Cumin Seed, Guaiacwood from Paraguay, Vetiveria Zizanoides Root from Haiti, Cedrus Atlantica from Morocco, Clove Terpenes

Ceramic - 11oz - Up to 70 hours
Signature - 9oz - Up to 60 hours
Frosted - 5.5oz - Up to 40 hours
Mini - 3.5oz - Up to 25 hours
Wax Melt Bar - 2.5oz - Up to 50 hours

As with all handmade items, no two candles are the same. Variations will occur.

If you notice small holes or crystallization on the top of the candle after the candle has cooled from burning, this is completely normal for natural wax blend candles. When you light your candle the wax will melt and your candle will perform as normal. 

Scents and their strengths are personal and subjective-our candles use the maximum scent that the natural wax will tolerate.