Our Story

Welcome to The Journey to Enlightenment! 

Hello, my name is Arti Bhakta and for anyone who knows me knows that whenever they walk into my home it smells like something is burning - in a good way :). You will always find me burning candles, incenses, resins, and diffusing essential oils. I have always believed in aromatherapy and the effects that scent can have on physical and emotional well beings of a person. I wanted to share this with the people in my life. 

It all started with my love for aromatherapy and wanting to share that with the people I love. I made intention candles for all my friends using soy wax, essential oils, crystals and natural herbs to help them overcome the difficulties in their current lives during the crazy year we know as 2020.  The moment of sharing my passion and power of scents turned into an opportunity to share it with the rest of the world. 

Scentual Enlightenment is a South Asian, woman-owned, small business based in Austin, TX. I started this hand-crafted aroma company with one goal in mind - to share my passion for aromatherapy with others who are seeking a holistic lifestyle based on body, mind and spiritual wellness. All of our candles are hand-crafted with captivating scents, charming minimalist design, and quality ingredients.

Thank you for supporting and joining me along The Journey to Enlightenment!